Changing Coastlines

Coastlines are one of the most environmentally sensitive regions to the impacts of climate change. As the membranes between land and sea, they are likely to suffer from increased flooding, erosion, and increasingly powerful storms in the context of climate change, jeopardising both the human and the natural settlements that dwell in them and make use of them for livelihoods and subsistence. While certain protection measures such as groynes and sea walls can be put in place, they too impact local areas, and are rarely permanent in nature.  In recent years governments have acknowledged the heightened vulnerability of communities in coastal regions and have, in some cases, moved to reclaim land to allow for managed land loss. Some communities in at-risk regions have begun to abandon coastal regions altogether; if climate change is left unchecked, the decision may soon be made for others.

See also: Disaster Preparedness, Environmental Refugees

Further Resources

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