Project History

3rd Ring Out is a practise-based research project on the concept of ‘rehearsal’. The performances are the public result of Dr. Zoë Svendsen’s research. This project of ‘practising for the future’ has been particularly inspired by research into exercises conducted throughout the UK during the Cold War, in which thousands of British volunteers as well as Civil Servants and the Military would all work together to practice for a scenario of nuclear war. See for interviews and images.

We were intrigued by these extraordinarily complex exercises and their creation of ‘as-if’ fictions to facilitate practising for emergency response. Our version looks to the future, but rather than seeking to crystal-gaze, it uses a possible future scenario, sourced through an extensive research period, to ‘rehearse’ some of the issues that we might face in a climate-changed future. Through the two types of experience it offers – ‘strategy’ and ‘emergency’, it not only allows the public to participate directly in imagining their future, it also explores a politics of place.