2011 Edinburgh Artist/Writer Call

The Project:
3rd Ring Out is a provocative, engrossing, multi-media, multi-dimensional scenario-building performance and installation that asks serious ethical questions, splicing recognisable images of the UK with projections of possibility. The audience vote to decide how to respond to a developing scenario of a climate-changed future. Fundamentally, the performance asks audiences: HOW DO WE WANT TO LIVE?

The 3rd Ring Out project comprises an ‘emergency’ cell and a ‘strategy’ cell, both housed in bright orange shipping containers. These will be situated on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh 18-28th August. While in the ‘emergency’ cell a simulation of a climate-challenged UK in 2033 plays out, the ‘strategy’ cell imagines alternative futures.

For further information on the project click here.

The call:
3rd Ring Out is seeking writers and visual artists to respond spontaneously and creatively to the public’s ideas for the future of Edinburgh. The artists’ responses will form an important part of our evolving installation in ‘The Strategy Cell’. The public will be offering strategies for the future of Edinburgh – it will be your job to imagine what these might look like and what their consequences might be.

Each artist / writer will be required to contribute 90 minutes a day at our site in the Edinburgh Grassmarket for 3 days between 18 – 28 August 2011 (these will be scheduled in advance) and should allow an additional 4 hours of preparation work.

The context of the future we are imagining is one of climate change and the changes we could make to respond to this challenge. In-depth knowledge of climate change is not essential for this role but a curiosity about it is important. Ultimately the strategy cell asks the question ‘how do we want to live?’ Successful applicants will be provided with a small research pack to provide background and links for further research. At times the public’s ideas may be steered by instigating a theme such as energy shortage, global food price hikes, heat wave, severe storms, and so on. Your responses must take into account hotter summers, wetter winters and the climate impacts that may be felt around the world.

Brief description of your role:
Members of the public will suggest ideas for the future of Edinburgh and the most popular ones will be voted for and added to a large map of Edinburgh. It will be your role to then imagine the journey of that idea into the future suggesting how they might look and what the consequences might be. Your response could take the form of short written notes or it could be visual (drawn or photographic).


You are in Edinburgh for three days between 18th-28th August 2011 and have a good knowledge of the city either through living there now or in the past.
Professional experience as a writer or visual artist (ie publications, theatre productions, exhibitions etc)

An inclusive fee of £150 will be payable for your contribution to the Strategy Cell.

To apply please do BOTH of these:

1. Send us your biography or CV and examples of your work as a link or file (2mb max limit) to 3rdringout@gmail.com

2. Fill in the online application form and press submit here.

Deadline for applications is 11am on Friday 12th August 2011