Edinburgh Energy: All new buildings to have solar panels and energy saving devices

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2013: Energy: All new buildings to have solar panels and energy saving devices, as well as cladding to reduce heat loss in winter  (link to Strand 5 2012)

2014: Architecture: law passes to retro fit all buildings with solar panels (link to Strand 2 2014)

2016: Architecture: houses fitted with dry toilets & methane capture tanks, stationary bicycles fitted to generators & compost mandatory (link to Strand 12 2016)

2018: Energy: Solar ‘capture’ cells wins red dot & design awards. These crystal-like cells (the size of a walnut) harness solar energy & can either be used as batteries or as a light source.

2018: Energy: Energy rationed within city. Each household can only consume 35%. More energy than they produce.

2021: Energy: Government mandate implemented in order to enforce compulsory wearing of solar capture cells.

2022: Energy: ‘Shine Inc’ creators of solar jewellery floats on the stock market (they don’t do earrings, as this might cause hair burn). All of their accessories comply with ‘solar responsibility law’.

2022: Transport: Each public transport train now also has one or two carriages dedicated to transporting food products around the country. Trains run partly on bio-fuel from waste farming produce.

Urban Cows by Michael Bowdidge

2025: Landscape: All public green spaces not used for urban farming. 20% of spaces converted into allotments & photo voltaic greenhouses built into parks. (Urban Cows, by Michael Bowdidge)

2026: Landscape: All residents given 6 squared metres of allotment space within city limits. Vertical gardens on the increase due to residents trying to capitalise on limited ground space.

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