Edinburgh Landscape: Call for response to impending food shortage

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2018: Landscape: Call for response to impending food shortage.

2018: Social: Attacks on food transport/services due to food shortage.

2019: Landscape: Decision to source food locally

2020: Social: Offering land to local communities to produces their own food (eg. chicken; sheep) (We Work Together 2, by Xana Marwick)

We Work Together 2; a collage and drawing depicting a community working together, by Xana Marwick

2021: Social: Social unrest in urban environments due to smell of animals.

2022: Pollution: Call for animal smell management strategy in urban environment. Avian flu is a constant threat.2024: Politics: Introduction of odour-neutral stool additive for animals.

2026: Landscape: New species of insects (eg. midges) attracted to green rooftops & becoming pests in urban environments.

2027: Landscape: Implementation of emergency insect control sprays to control spread of midges & other insects

2028: Pollution: Negative effects of chemical sprays on animal pollution & urban ecosystem.

2029: Pollution: New strands of diseases in population due to eating meat from infected animals.

2030: Social: New wave of food shortage due to disease strands. (Link to Strand 12 2030)

2031: Social: Food price hike due to food shortages.

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