Edinburgh Food: Urban Garden Reclamation Act

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2014: Food: Urban Garden Reclamation Act – All currently unoccupied green space, brownfield and rooftops made available to expanded allotment schemes. (Rooftop Gardens, by Michael Bowdidge) (Allotments, by Riel Noir)

Rooftop Gardens, by Michael Bowdidge

Allotments, by Riel Noir

2016: Waste: Mass Composting – Royal Terrace Gardens & Murrayfield Golf Course converted to mass compost sites to manage food & garden waste.

2016: Education: Agriculture Curriculum expanded – Food gardening (Theory & practice) made compulsory in all Edinburgh & Midlothian schools to age 16.

2017: Food. Cost of meat skyrockets. Vegetarianism is on the rise.

2020: Pollution: Fertilisers & Pesticide Act – Pollution of water table leads to stringent regulation on use of garden chemicals.

2020: Architecture: Incentives for businesses to make vertical surfaces available to food production.

2022: Social: B&Q and Dobbies make massive profits for the 5th year running.

2024: Landscape: Palace of Holyroodhouse occupied – a cell of young activists invades the palace lawn and converts it to a root crop garden overnight.

2028: Social: food import taxes introduced: Revenue raised funds force seed provision and compost infrastructure. Smuggling increases. (Link to Strand 2 2028)

2035: Landscape: Invasive species culls: Following a ten year ecological study, ECC introduces cull targets to combat invasive species. (Link to Strand 3 2020)

2040: Social: Britain in Bloom cancelled; Edinburgh wins national competition for 12th year running. Contest formally concluded – for ever.

2043: Pollution: Clean Air Award; Edinburgh wins EU award for best air quality. Pageant held.

2048: Energy: 13% Energy from anaerobic digestion – Edinburgh partially powered by mass composting facilities.

2050: Food: 84% self-sufficiency achieved; Edinburgh row produces vast majority of own food.

Prince's Street Rooftop Gardens and Water Features, by Riel Noir

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