Edinburgh Architecture: Empty council property reclaimed

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2016: Architecture: Empty Council property reclaimed – 80% of empty ECC property converted to social housing to aid flooding relocation. (Link to Strand 12 2015)

2017: Architecture: Hotel built next to Castle (‘Castle Hotel’) to boost local economy through A-List celebrity tourism and events.

2018: Landscape: Urban farms squatted – flooding refugees settle on new urban farms, creating ‘Tartan Favelas’ (Tartan Favelas Arthur’s Seat, by Michael Bowdidge) (Link to Harry Giles, ‘A Precise Chronology of the Edinburgh Housing Crisis’, 2017, Sept 17th, Tent City Disaster.)

Tartan Favelas Arthur's Seat, by Michael Bowdidge

2019: Security: Tent city raided – police violence condemned worldwide after fire accident kills 138 refugees.

2020: Security: Castle enclave established – Edinburgh’s wealthy hire security force and settle in Castle Hotel. The enclave expands to farm Gardens.

2021: Architecture: Vaults settled – East Lothian flooding refugees found to have extensively settled vaults. Malnutrition and disease are rife.

2024: Architecture: Empty commercial property commandeered – Social liaising schemes expanded, but resisted forcefully in courts by business community especially vault slumlords. (Link to Strand 12 2025)

2028: Security: Class war – extensive skirmishes between vaults and castle leave, thousands dead, and much burned at property. Royal Mile becomes a warzone. Supplies to Castle Hotel are flown in by helicopter.

2028: Security: Police force doubles recruitment to cope with class war. (First Battle of the Grassmarket, by Michael Bowdidge) (Link to Harry Giles, ‘A Precise Chronology of the Edinburgh Housing Crisis’, 2020, Jan 3rd, First Battle of the Grassmarket.)

Battle of the Grassmarket, by Michael Bowdidge

2035: Architecture: New Housing (Scotland) Act – New law enshrines extended social housing and combats housing/income inequality. (100m Sea Wall City, by Michael Bowdidge)

100m Sea Wall City, by Michael Bowdidge

2038: Education: Home Building Curriculum created – constructions & architecture now part of primary school curriculum.

(Link to Strand 4)

2042: Security: Homelessness abates; Rates decrease though complaints about council liaising quality are widespread.

2048: Security: Police force reduced – For the first time in 40 years, improved civil order allows early retirement and reduced recruitment.

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