Edinburgh Transport: Princes Street turned into pedestrian area

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2012: Transport: Princes Street turned into pedestrian area (link to Strand 2, 2020) ( link to Strand 5 2022)

2014: Transport: Staged removal of inner city parking spaces in favour of park & ride/electric bus services from the outskirts; telecommuting heavily incentivised.

2015: Transport: Revenue from electric bus service put towards ‘communal bicycles’ scheme: citizens borrow bikes from bicycle stations and leave them for others at the next one.

2016: Transport: Road tax for cars increased to fund completion of electric tram service for long inner-city journeys only (short journeys made by bicycle)

2017: Landscape: All former car parks & parking spaces turned into raised beds for growing vegetables (Microgardens in the Grassmarket, by Michael Bowdidge)

Microgardens in the Grassmarket, by Michael Bowdidge

2018: Transport: Employers are incentivised to allow those who travel to work by bicycle to arrive later & leave earlier than those who travel by car, thus making travel by bicycle a more attractive option.

2020: Transport: Give away free bicycles (link to Strand 4 2013) (link to Strand 7 2035)

2020: Landscape: 37% of all vegetables consumed within the city are grown locally through allotments and vertical gardens; waste is then composted and turned into new soil.

2023: Architecture: bicycle ‘docks’ installed citywide. These docks provide points where people can generate electricity through cycle power. All public houses now produce their own energy.

2034: Architecture: The city is further divided into sectors. At the centre of each is a square where people meet, wash clothes, talk. Each square has its own bread oven so that the community can bake. Much of the oven heat comes from garden waste being burnt.

2050: Transport: Ban cars; also tax bikes; bike MOT; helmets mandatory

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