Edinburgh Water: Flood management plan implemented

This is a story strand from the 3rd Ring Out Edinburgh Strategy Cell. For an overview click here.

2013: Water: Flood management plan implemented.

2015: Water: Flooding in Leith. (Link to Strand 5 2014) (Link to Harry Giles ‘A Precise Chronology of the Edinburgh Housing Crisis’, 2015, August 25th, Leith Floods)

2015: Social: Emergency housing relocation. (Link to Strand 6 2016)

2016: Social: Unrest due to housing pressure. (Link to Strand 1 2016) (Link to Strand 5 2019)

2018: Landscape: Modern crannogs introduced (water-housing on stilts). (21st Century Crannogs, by Michael Bowdidge)

21st Century Crannogs, by Michael Bowdidge

2021: Transport: Crannogs made mobile and barges introduced

2022: Water: Tidal energy used to power crannogs. (Stilt Housing, by Riel Noir)

2025: Social: Sub-aqua extensions to housing to allow shelter form the sun. (Link to Strand 6 2024)

2030: Water: Sub-aqua archaeology and tourism in Leith. (Link to Strand 8 2030)

2040: Waste: Underwater pollution problem.

2041: Waste: Call for pollution management strategy.

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