Watford Strategy

The Third Ring Out strategy cell in Watford was open throughout the days of the performances, and saw passers-by, audiences and performers passing through. They were invited to think up strategies for how to live, and to write their ideas for the future of Watford. There were a number of categories suggested including architecture, education, food, waste and housing.

These cards were then posted on the walls of the cell, and votes were held regularly in which the suggestions would compete to be implemented. We then built up a picture of possible futures upon a map of Watford, and added potential consequences of these decisions in future years.

Over the third, fourth and fifth days we moved into future decades, and imagined a world faced with particular challenges; so 2021-30 saw an energy crisis, 2031-40 suffered terrible heatwaves, and 2041-50 saw sea-levels rising and swallowing up the land. Day by day, people offered up suggestions that strategised ways of coping imaginatively and productively with each of these challenges.

Click the links below to view each day:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

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